Bass Business History Collection

Bulletin of the Taylor Society
The Taylor Bulletin is a business newsletter produced from 1914 to 1933.  Written by individuals with a wide range of expertise, the bulletin contains articles on a variety of subjects and is a study of business and cultural trends over this time period.

Bass Business Oral Histories
A collection of interviews with individuals who have made a significant contribution to the history of business.

Railroads Collection
This collection contains descriptions of microfilm collections focused on the Great Northern Railway, the Northern Pacific Railway, and the construction of the railroads of the northwest.

Robert Kahn's Retailing Today
The Robert Kahn's Retailing Today is a monthly newsletter published from 1968-1999, which discusses various aspects of the retail business.

Western Electric Hawthorne Papers
The Western Electric Hawthorne papers are a series of original documents dating from 1921 to 1949 concerning studies conducted at the General Electric Company. The initial study involved changing factory lighting to improve productivity. Later studies analyzed a variety of worker behaviors including diet, sleep patterns, and other variables in working conditions.

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