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Transforming the Oklahoma Prairie a

Vernon Parrington made a lasting contribution to the University of Oklahoma with his plan for the expansion and development of the university. It was he who suggested extending what is now University Boulevard southward into an oval running in front of Science Hall, University Hall, and the Carnegie building. The 1904 Sanborn insurance map shows the proposed drive along with the campusís two other buildings.

By 1907, the north oval had a strong growth of trees. The viewpoint in this photo is southeasterly. Boyd Street is in the foreground and is also tree-lined.

The viewpoint in this photo is northward from the roof of University Hall. At this time, the oval was about two-thirds of its present size. The point at which it joined University Boulevard would have been Felgar Street if Felgar had continued west of Asp Street. Note the linear symmetry of the trees on the oval as they join with the trees aligning University Boulevard. The trees were planted with care and it appears that a rudimentary landscaping plan for the university was already in place by 1907.

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