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An original bound volume of Bureau of American Ethnology 14th Annual Report 1892-1893, featuring “The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890,” by James Mooney.
Research correspondence with Frederick Weygold.
a. agreement regarding the sale of Happy Hunting Grounds, with the drawings by Weygold, 1920.
b. correspondence regarding preparation of text and drawings for Happy Hunting Grounds, 1920.
c. correspondence regarding photographs, 1928.
d. correspondence from Weygold regarding Red Cloud and Short Bull, 1928.
e. correspondence from Weygold regarding Sioux scalps, 1929.
f. correspondence from Weygold regarding a description of the “Hanble Ceyapi” ceremony, 1929.
g. correspondence from Weygold regarding ethnographic material in France, England, and Germany, 1930.
h. research correspondence with Weygold, 1916-1938.
Typescript excerpts from published sources regarding Sitting Bull.
a. excerpt regarding Sitting Bull’s protection of the Nez Perce, from New Sources of Indian History, 1877.
b. “Sitting Bull,” from Wild Life on the Plains and Horrors of Indian Warfare, by W. L. Holloway, 1891.
c. an article regarding the source of Sitting Bull’s power, from Century Magazine, 1892.
d. excerpt, “Sitting Bull,” by James Creelman, from On the Great Highway, 1901.
e. excerpt, “Father Hugonard and Sitting Bull,” by John Hawkes, from The Story of Saskatchewan and Its People, 1924.
f. excerpt from A Narrative of Indian Trading and Acquaintance with Little Crow by Auguste L. Larpenteur, n.d.
Typescript excerpts regarding the wild west show.
a. typescript of “The Wild West: Buffalo Bill’s Exhibition at the Woodbine,” from the Globe, 1885.
b. excerpt from Annie Oakley by Courtney Ryley Cooper, 1927.
c. excerpt from Campaigns of General Custer and Sitting Bull by Judson Elliott Walker, n.d.
Typescripts by Robert P. Higheagle.
a. “How Sitting Bull Was Made a Chief.” Includes information on the life of Sitting Bull, from notes taken by Higheagle, n.d.
b. Robert Higheagle gives an account of his memories of Sitting Bull, n.d.
Typescripts of the Office of Indian Rights Association.
a. a report entitled, “An Independent Investigation of the Recent Disturbances on Sioux Reservation…,” 1890.
b. a report entitled, “The Indians,” 1890.
c. a report entitled, “The Present Need of the Indian School Service,” 1890.
d. extracts from the Sioux Falls Press, 1890.
e. a report entitled, “A Contrast,” 1891.
f. a report entitled, “A Crisis in Indian Affairs,” 1891.
g. a report entitled, “The Sioux Outbreak,” n.d.
h. a report entitled, “The Murder of the Indian Few Tails by Whites, and of Lieutenant Casey by the Indian Plenty Horses,” n.d.

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