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Research correspondence regarding Sitting Bull in Canada.
Description:  Research correspondence regarding Sitting Bull in Canada.
a. correspondence from Saskatchewan Indian agent regarding Sitting Bull camps in Canada, 1923-1930.
b. correspondence with the Public Archives of Canada regarding Sitting Bull in Canada, 1928-1930.
c. correspondence with Norman F. Black regarding Louis LeGare, 1929.
d. correspondence with Buffalo Child Long Lance regarding Sitting Bull and the Northwest Mounted Police, 1929.
e. correspondence with the Northwest Mounted Police regarding veterans who remember Sitting Bull, 1929-1932.
f. correspondence from in Alberta Indian Agent regarding the relationship of Sitting Bull and Crowfoot, a Blackfoot chief, 1930.
g. correspondence with the State Historical Society of North Dakota regarding the charges and trial of scout E. H. Allison, 1932.
h. excerpt from A History of Saskatchewan and the Old Northwest by Norman F. Black, n.d.
i. miscellaneous correspondence from Campbell regarding members of the police, Indians, or agents who remember the Sitting Bull term in Canada, 1929-1937.
Date:  1923-1937
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 114, Folder 1

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