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Research correspondence after the publication of Sitting Bull.
Description:  Research correspondence after the publication of Sitting Bull.
a. correspondence from C. H. Asbury regarding comments on the Battle of the Little Bighorn River by Theo Goldin, 1934.
b. correspondence from Pink Simms regarding why Gen. George A. Custer could not send a man back to the fort, 1934.
c. newspaper clipping by Lewis Gannett regarding Warpath and Council Fire, 1948.
d. a program for the dedication of the Museum Administration Building at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, 1952.
e. correspondence with Austin H. Phelps of Adventure Magazine regarding comments of Little Wolf on the recent issue about White Bull killing Custer. Attached is the newspaper clipping, “Chief Snorts His Dissent,” 1957.
f. a copy of L. K. Birdwell’s “Custer Was Maligned,” from the Rocky Mountain News of Denver, 1957.
g. article typescript regarding Custer’s girlfriend during the Civil War, by Frederick C. Othman, 1957.
h. correspondence from John K. Standish criticizing an article by Campbell in American Heritage, 1957.
i. correspondence with M. A. Thomas and article typescript, “Custer’s Last Stand,” 1957.
j. correspondence with Dudley Martin of the Institute of Life Insurance regarding life insurance on Custer and others, 1957.
k. correspondence with Karl F. Zeisler regarding Campbell’s White Bull story, 1957.
l. excerpt from Custer’s Last Stand Legend or Blunder? by Robert Crichton with David Miller, 1957.
m. letters to newspaper editors regarding George A. Custer by Estelle Aubrey Brown, 1957.
n. general research correspondence and notes, 1955-1957.
Date:  1934-1957
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 111, Folder 1

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