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Research correspondence "R-T"
Description:  Research correspondence "R-T"
a. correspondence with J. A. Steele regarding Sitting Bull, 1933.
b. correspondence from Dick Stone regarding Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. Includes a typescript of notes from an interview with Old Bull and White Bull regarding Devil’s Tower, 1934.
c. correspondence with Gene Price regarding general Indian information, 1949.
d. correspondence with Don M. Ream, Jr., regarding Edward Ryan, who claims to be the sole survivor of the Battle of the Little Bighorn River, 1954.
e. correspondence with John L. Stemenson regarding praise of Sitting Bull, 1957.
f. correspondence with Ruth K. Smith regarding Crazy Bull, the Ghost Dance, and her collection of Blackfoot articles, 1957.
g. correspondence with Grace B. Thomas regarding Sitting Bull and General George A. Custer, 1957.
h. general research correspondence “R-T,” 1933-1957.
Date:  1933-1957
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 109, Folder 7

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