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Research correspondence “H”
Description:  Research correspondence “H”
a. correspondence from W. T. Hornaday of the Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund regarding destruction of buffalo herds, 1929.
b. correspondence with Witzleben regarding Witzleben’s contact with Sitting Bull, 1929.
c. statement of money paid to R. P. Higheagle and correspondence regarding the fifty or more songs translated from Sioux and general correspondence, 1929-1930.
d. correspondence from DeWitt Hare regarding Sitting Bull, 1932.
e. correspondence from J. D. Hill regarding photographs of Sitting Bull, 1932.
f. correspondence with Mabel Martin Hay regarding her childhood memories of living at Fort Yates during the time Sitting Bull was there, 1933.
g. correspondence with G. Hotz in Switzerland who has the supposed quiver of Sitting Bull, 1934-1936.
h. correspondence with Albert G. Heath of the Museum of Amerind Arts regarding prices of Sitting Bull’s medicine bundle, crucifix, gun, and photographs, 1935.
i. correspondence with Anna Hertzog regarding a newspaper story about her father with mention of Sitting Bull, 1957.
j. general research correspondence “H,” 1929-1957.
Date:  1929-1957
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 108, Folder 7

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