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Research correspondence B
Description:  Research correspondence B
a. correspondence with the Bureau of American Ethnology regarding research and photographs, 1913-1933.
b. correspondence from P. E. Byrne regarding Sitting Bulls grave and old timers, 1928-1932.
c. correspondence with W. H. C. Bowen regarding his recollections of Sitting Bull and those who knew him when in the field with General Nelson A. Miles, 1929.
d. correspondence with Gertrude Bonnin of the National Council of American Indians, 1929.
e. correspondence from Reverend Bernard Strassmaier, Fort Yates Catholic Indian Mission, regarding General George A. Custer, Ben White, Grey Eagle, Catherine Weldon, and Sitting Bull, 1929.
f. correspondence with E. Douglas Branch regarding Sitting Bull, 1929. g. correspondence with Mrs. Frank Baldwin regarding General Frank D. Baldwin and Sitting Bull battles, 1929.
h. correspondence with F. G. Burnett regarding Sitting Bull, 1929.
i. correspondence with Charles W. Bocker, 1929.
j. correspondence from Renie Burdett praising Campbell for Sitting Bull, Champion of the Sioux: A Biography, 1932.
k. correspondence with Barron Brown regarding a famous horse, named Comanche, 1933.
l. correspondence with John S. Wright regarding Sitting Bull, 1942.
m. an article written by Reverend Bernard Strassmaier regarding Standing Rock history, n.d.
n. general research correspondence B, 1929-1957.
Date:  1913-1957
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 108, Folder 2

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