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Research correspondence with A. B. Welch.
Description:  Research correspondence with A. B. Welch.
a. typescript order of James McLaughlin approving an Indian buffalo hunt, 1883.
b. typescript report regarding the arrest of Sitting Bull from John M. Carignan to James McLaughlin, 1890.
c. correspondence regarding Campbell’s purchase of drawings by Old Bull, 1928-1929.
d. correspondence regarding the death of Sitting Bull and the Indian police who died with him, 1928.
e. correspondence regarding the original contract for Sitting Bull to go on exhibition, 1928.
f. correspondence regarding copies made by Welch of Sitting Bull and Old Bull drawings, 1929.
g. correspondence regarding Campbell’s discovery that drawings copied from the tent of the Fast Horse family were not made by Sitting Bull, and that Welch has been misled, 1929.
h. a brief biography of Red Tomahawk, who killed Sitting Bull, 1931.
i. correspondence from Welch about sending original copies of James McLaughlin letters to Campbell, 1931.
j. correspondence from Welch regarding the treatment of Chief Grass in Sitting Bull,1932.
k. correspondence regarding Sitting Bull, 1928-1935.
Date:  1928-1935
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 107, Folder 1

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