Typescript accounts regarding the life of Sitting Bull
Description:  Typescript accounts regarding the life of Sitting Bull.
a. “Sitting Bull’s Address to the Silent Eaters Protesting the Treaty of 1889,” by John Loneman.
b. “Sitting Bull’s Address to the Visiting Arikaras, Mandans and Gros Ventres.”
c. “Sitting Bull Illustrates to the Silent Eaters of the Way the Indians Tried to Stand in with the Indian Agent,” by White Bull, n.d.
d. “Sitting Bull Wounded by the Crow Indians,” by One Bull.
e. “Why Sitting Bull Wears a Red Feather as a Head Ornament,” by One Bull, n.d.
f. “Sitting Bull’s Advice to the Indian Students at a Mission School,” by E. D. White.
g. “Sitting Bull Helps the Old People,” by Bear Soldier.
h. “Why Sitting Bull Wears a White Eagle Feather as a Head Ornament,” by One Bull.
i. “Sitting Bull Donates Two Buffalos He Had Killed,” by Bear Soldier.
j. “A Coyote Foretells Sickness in Sitting Bull’s Family,” by One Bull.
k. “How Sitting Bull Got His Name,” by White Bull.
l. “Sitting Bull Adopts an Assiniboine Lad,” by One Bull.
m. “Sitting Bull Interested in the Education of an Indian Boy,” by Bear Soldier.
n. “Sitting Bull Finds Guilty Party Who Had Cruelly Killed a Valuable Horse,” by One Bull.
o. “The Hat Sitting Bull Wears,” by Andrew Fox, son-in-law.
p. “Sitting Bull Finds a Lost Pony for His Nephew,” by One Bull.
q. “Sitting Bull’s Act of Kindness,” by White Bull.
r. “Prophesy of Sitting Bull - Would Be Killed by His Own Race,” by One Bull.
s. “A Crow Indian Spied in a Buffalo-Horn Spoon,” by Chief Sitting Bull, as told to One Bull.
t. “Sitting Bull Restores a Crow Woman Captive,” by Bear Soldier.
u. "The Oxen That Laughed,” by Sitting Bull to One Bull.
v. “The Sioux Indian Legend of the Migration of Birds of the Black Hill Country,” by Chief Sitting Bull, retold by his nephew, One Bull. Translated by Robert Higheagle.
w. jokes told by Sitting Bull.
Collection:  Campbell, Walter Stanley (1877-1957)
Document Location:  Box 104, Folder 21

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