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Murrow, Joseph Samuel (1835-1930)
Papers 1894-1928
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Missionary. Legal documents and papers (1894-1928) relating to J. S. Murrow, his home and school for Indian orphans, and Bacone College. The collection also includes minutes and proceedings (1916-1918) of the Indian Missionary Association, and programs (1912-1921) for meetings of the Deacons and Missionaries Institute of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Baptist churches and of the Oklahoma Indian Baptist Association.
Box 1
1American Baptist Home Mission Society:

Application for Aid from the American Baptist Home Mission Society (to the Executive Board regarding the appointment of Hudson H. Criswell, Ames, Iowa, as general manager and missionary with the Murrow Indian Orphan's Home, Unchuka County, Oklahoma), 1909.


To the Reverend J. S. Murrow as District Missionary to the Indians in Indian Territory, October 1900.

To the Reverend J. S. Murrow as Superintendent of Indian Missions in Indian and Oklahoma Territories, October 1894.

Rules for the Gift Fund of the Church Edifice Department of the American Baptist Home Mission Society, n.d.

2Letter to "My dear children" regarding family matters, illness, and death of Sister Robb, the Orphan's Home, the sermon of a visiting preacher, the weather, and Roy Murrow. Signed uncle and auntie (J. S. Murrow and his wife?), 1906.
3Deacons' and Missionaries' Institute of the Cheyenne Arapaho Baptist Churches, meetings.

Program of the second meeting held at Arapaho Baptist Mission, March 25-27, 1912.
4Arapahoe enrollment (includes name, gender, and age)

Cheyenne enrollment (includes name and age)

Kingfisher enrollment (includes name and age), July 18, 1900.

One page list of words in Arapahoe and English.

"Reminiscences of a Missionary Among South-West Wild Indians," by Paul B. Smith. Typescript with corrections. Includes stories concerning Rev. J. S. Murrow, Rev. Evan Jones, Rev. H. F. Buckner, Rev. Ramsay Potts, rev. Joseph Smedley, Black Beaver, General Arbuckle, Rev. John McIntosh, Tulsa Micco, Rev. A. J. Holt, President Bacone, Rev. George W. Hicks, James Edwards, William Lancaster, Lone Wolf, Rev. William Conner, Miss Lauretta Ballew, and others during the period from 1838-1887, n.d.

"The Late Indian Uprising." Author unknown. Includes discussion of the Curtis Bill, the Dawes Commission, the Crazy Snake rebellion and its leaders Lat-tak Mik-ko and Chit-to Har-jo, as well as the need for Baptist Boards and Conventions to appoint "three active, conscientious men" as missionaries among the full-blood Creeks, n.d.

"Care of the Sick," by Mary J. Freeman, Field Matron. Describes clothing, bedding, food, etc. needed for treatment of sick people, n.d.

Article about Pawnee Indians, n.d.
6Christmas and New Year cards received by Murrow, n.d.
7The Indian Orphan, volume 5, number 11, November 11, 1907

Subscription list. Includes name of subscriber, address, and cash received, n.d.
8Indenture of land between the Indian University of Bacone, Indian Territory and the University Broom Company of Bacone, Indian Territory, 1/30/04.

Contract between Indian University and J.F. White of Bacone, Indian Territory regarding the raising of fruit and vegetables, 11/9/04?

Articles of agreement between Bacone School and the Department of the Interior regarding tuition, etc. of Indian pupils, 9/27/06.

Memorandum of agreement between Indian University and J. A. Bennett regarding land lease, April 1901.

Agreement between Indian University and J. Tedmore regarding piano tuning, 10/5/1908. Contract of lease between American Baptist Home Mission Society of New York and Walter Falwell and T. W. Kennedy regarding lease of property known as Indian University, 5/23/1906.

Certificate of registration, Clara Barton Memorial Tree, 5/18/1928.

Ground lease between Indian University and W.S. Wiley of Bacone, Indian Territory, 12/10/1904.

Memorandum of agreement between Indian University and D. H. Zink regarding lease of property, 10/15/1902.

Ground lease between Indian University and William B. Jordan of Bacone, Indian Territory, 2/11/1904.

Short historical statement titled "Bacone Indian University." Includes information about President A.C. Bacone, Mrs. J. S. Murrow (formerly Miss Kate Ellett), and a list of instructors and matrons for 1907-1908, 11/16/1907.
9Lecture: "In the Beginning." Presented to honor J. S. Murrow and the other missionaries who came to Oklahoma, n.d.
10Certificates of marriage for several Cheyenne Indians married at Kingfisher Indian Mission or Cheyenne Indian Mission, Watonga, Oklahoma Territory, 1902-1904.
11Miscellaneous lists of names, n.d.

Statement to the effect that Brother J. Allen Ball is a member and minister in Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at Welch, I.T. Signed W.S. Campbell, 4/15/1893.

Thank you for Bert Peters' gift of flashlight, n.d.

Grace to be said at table, composed by Mrs. Fontenelle, n.d.

Thrift stamp jingle, 1919.

Pawnee Training School, Program, 6/4/1920.

Indian Fair Association, Executive Committee, special announcements. Extends invitation to all missionaries of the Cheyenne and Arapaho field to attend and assist in a song and praise meeting at the Watonga fairground, 1911.

Printed data concerning the Ohio Baptist Convention. Includes names of churches, ministers ordinations, dedications, etc., n.d.

Lists of "Places Visited", n.d.
12Murrow Indian Orphans' Home.

Monthly report. Includes roll number, name of pupil, age, gender, date entered, date of departure, September 1907.

Receipts of Murrow Indian Orphan Home for services rendered by Wyand, Broaddus & Ambrister, Attorneys at Law, 1920.

Railroad freight bills and bills of lading, 1907-1909.

American Express Co. and Wells Fargo and Co. receipts, 1908.

Model Steam Laundry, Coalgate, Oklahoma, receipt, 1909.

Three postcards, addressed to C.J. Eddy, Treasurer, Murrow Indian Orphans' Home, 1901.

Two letters to Rev. J. S. Murrow from I. S. Wright, lists name of contributor and amount of pledge, and names of children wanted to send to orphanage, 8/30/1906.

List of letters written possibly in support of a home exclusively for Indian orphan children, n.d.

"To the American Baptist Publication Society" from the Murrow Baptist Sunday School. Signed T. B. Thompson, 1909.

"A Sunday School Story," written from memory, by Louise Shunatona, n.d.

"Memorial To Congress Relating To The Murrow Indian Orphans Home." This document requests the establishment of a reservation for the Murrow Indian Orphan Home. Includes a location map depicting the legal description by township, range and section, Nov. 31, 1905.
13J. S. Murrow estate papers:

Order regarding the estate of Jennie Billey, minor to J. S. Murrow, guardian, 12/15/1908.

Order regarding the estate of Battiest Pope, an incompetent, to J. S. Murrow, curator, 12/14/1908.

Order regarding the estate of K.L.E. Murrow to J. S. Murrow, executor, 3/30/1915.

Guardian's report regarding the estate of Ella Webster from J. S. Murrow, guardian, 3/20/1909.
14News clippings regarding Indians, Bacone, and Murrow, n.d.

Historical notes regarding various Indian cultures, including the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, and discovery and colonization of America. The name Jesse Johnson, appears on inside cover of the notebook, n.d.

Composition book containing class notes mentioning prayers and other statements, October 17, 1926 - May 22, 1927.
16Oklahoma Indian Baptist Association, meetings:

Minutes of the first Fifth Sunday Meeting held at Osage Mission, 1916.

Minutes of the Fifth Sunday Meeting held at Pawnee, 1917.

Minutes of Meeting held at Red Rock, n.d.

Minutes of Fifth Sunday Meeting, September 26-29, 1918.

Program of the Fifth Sunday Meeting held at Pawnee Indian Baptist Church, January 27-30, 1921.
17Women's Baptist Home Mission Society:

Three letters addressed to "My Dear Sisters" from Mrs. K. L. Murrow in solicitation of annual report, 1891, 1893-1894.

Printed document in Indian language, signed Mrs. K. L. Murrow, 1895-1896.

Letter to "My dear Aunt Row"? from L. E. Ballew, appears to be a report about their Society, 4/1/1895.

Two quarterly reports from Mrs. J. S. Murrow to Miss M. G. Burdette, Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, 4/6/1896, 6/1/1896

Two annual reports from Mrs. J. S. Murrow to Miss M. G. Burdette, Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, 3/30/1897, 4/7/1898.

Postcard from S. A. Carey to Sister Murrow, report, 4/1/1898.

Two letters addressed to "My Dear Sisters" from Mrs. K. L. Murrow in solicitation of annual report, 1899-1900.

Annual report from Mrs. K. L. Murrow to Miss M. G. Burdette, Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, 4/6/1900.

New Year's letter from Mary G. Burdette, Corresponding Secretary, Women's Baptist Home Mission Society to "Dearly Beloved" 12/31/1900

Letter to "My Dear Sisters" from Mrs. K. L. Murrow in solicitation of annual report, 1/31/1901.

"President's Address," by Mrs. K. L. Murrow, President, Indian Territory, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Oct. 1901.

Two annual letters to Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, by Mrs. K. L. Murrow, Vice-President, 4/1903, 4/1904.

Minutes of the annual meeting of the Cherokee Women's Baptist Mission Society, Oct. 7-8, 1904.

Gifts to B.M.T.S. from Oklahoma and to B.M.T.S. building fund from Indians and missionaries. Includes name of contributor, and amounts by church, Indian mission, and Mrs. Carey, 1904-1910.

Annual letter to Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, by Mrs. K. L. Murrow, Vice-President, April 1906.

Annual report of branches and mission bands auxiliary to the Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, in Creek Nation, Colored Creek Association Report, by Association Director, Mrs. S.A. Carey, 1908.

Annual reports of the Women's Home Mission Society of the Boiling Spring Baptist Church and the Atoka Baptist Church, 1908-1909.

Letter soliciting annual report from Mrs. J. S. Murrow, 2/11/1909.

Annual report of Women's Baptist Mission Society of Choctaw and Chickasaw Association, August 1909.

Letter to Sister Murrow from "Susie" regarding the annual report, 10/26/1910.

Minutes of the annual meeting of the Cherokee Women's Baptist Missionary Society, Sept. 22-24, 1910.

Annual report of Woman's Baptist Mission of Choctaw and Chickasaw, Mrs. Betsy Hancock, President, Aug. 1910.

Report on Women's Work and Report of Committee on Recommendations Presented to the Woman's Baptist Home Mission Society, 11/30/1915.

Report of Committee on Recommendations, 1918.

Three annual reports of Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, by Mrs. K. L. Murrow, n.d.

Report of Secretary, n.d.

Statistical report giving names of societies, presidents, post offices, and secretaries; data concerning number of members, meetings, baptized, and deaths; and costs and contributions related to state mission, associational mission, minutes, etc, n.d.

Printed letter of Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Indian Territory to "Dear Sisters of the Local Unions" from Mrs. K.L. Murrow, President, Atoka, Indian Territory, n.d.

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