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Title:  Did David Ross Boyd Plant that Tree?
Contributors:  Omer Gillham
Carol J. Burr
Jaconna Aguirre
Omer Gillham
Robert Taylor
Arthur Tuttle
Source:  Sooner Magazine (Summer 1997) Vol. 17, Issue 4, p. 24-29 .
Images:  Photo of the gazebo at David Burr Park
Photo of Bizzell Library and student walking on campus
Photo of the bur oak tree on the Jimmie Austin Golf Course
Photo of an identifying label that appears on campus trees
Photo of Sam Smith
Photo of Kyle Wallick and Kathy Dodd boring trees
Photo of John Fletcher with Kathy Dodd and Mary Beth Leigh inspecting the old Evans Hall elm tree
Photo of a campus map from the University's annual report to the State Board of Education from 1916

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